lauren (xangelluv24x) wrote in goucherian,

photography darkroom

Is it possible to use Goucher's facilities during the summer time...I am trying find a darkroom in Baltimore and am not having much luck. Does anyone know if it would be possible to use Goucher's??

Thanks folx!
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Last I knew there was no summer access granted. I'm not sure why, I guess it could be cost or security/liability issues? I would suggest asking Rose, the art secretary, if that has changed. You used to be able to use the facilities during the academic year if you had permission from someone in the department and paid the lab fee, but sadly, I think that may be no more as well. Either way, I would suggest calling Rose: 410-337-6510. Good luck.
I have nothing helpful to add, I'm just excited to hear that Rose is still there! She's great.
Yes she is!
Goucher is now really protective of their darkrooms. Usually if you are not currently enrolled in a photography class (even if you are an art student and have taken photo in the past), they will not let you use them. This is because some folks have mixed chemicals improperly or abused the enlargers. If Rose isn't able to help you, you could try asking Ed Worteck at 410-337-6271.
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