Kayla (speshulk13) wrote in goucherian,

early-immersion programs

has anyone participated in one, or will be this summer?
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Yes! I participated in GOFOR my freshmen year, and the next year I was a counselor on it. It's a lot of fun and I'd really recommend it. =)
p.s. I love your Batgirl icon.
(so do i)
i like your icon too, although i hate waiting for thing
I did LEAP, and absolutely loved it. Any early immersion program you do will be a great experience, so you really can't lose with any of them...I suggest LEAP anyway though,just because I loved it!
im signed up for SERVE and really excited :) i wanted to do GOFOR but ive already done a lot of camping, and LEAP sounded fun but ive also done a bunch of ropes courses (that is what LEAP is, right?)