Que Sera, Sarahhh (redstar402) wrote in goucherian,
Que Sera, Sarahhh

Musical Director Needed for Theatrical Revue!

Hey all! Happy New Year! I hope you all are having a fabulous winter break.  Things are really getting in gear for the spring musical revue.  The theme, as I said in a former e-mail, is "S/he Loves Me, S/he Loves Me Not."  (The whole "S/he" thing may be edited out or whatever.) Well, our musical director, Roz Wills, needs help in the form of another musical director!  Please contact her at rosalind.wills@goucher.edu.  Also, contact Sarah Noyovitz at sarah.noyovitz@goucher.edu.  I also believe Charlie Cohen is helping Miss Sarah N. with the artistic side (charles.cohen@goucher.edu).  Please e-mail them if interested!

Also, if anybody has ideas for songs in the revue, as well as a location, shoot those kids -mail as well.  We probably won't have it in Dunnock, because that is just absolutely crazy in the Spring.

Your input/assistance would be hugely appreciated!
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