Hana (lock_star) wrote in goucherian,

jobs in towson

I've been looking around for part time jobs off campus, i know Jo Ann's fabrics is looking for people, and I'm filling out an application, but i was wondering if anyone knew about some other places that are looking for help that won't mind me going away for winter break. That's the only thing I've been really worried about, it almost seems pointless to get a job for 2 and a half months then leave. :-/
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most places are understanding of a college student's schedule. I worked at the Towson barnes and noble for a year and they were cool with me bailing..and i had a job when I came back.

Just don't say anything during the interview. Lie if you have to. Only divulge that info after you get the job.. they can't fire you for it. Say something about family obligations.

Honestly, most employers will get over it. They may not like it but they won't fire you for it.. and you don't have to quit.