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Intergenerational Theatre Workshop Presents "Our Town"

 Theatre major Eryn London is directing "Our Town" as her senior thesis. The cast consists of Goucher students, and residents of Edenwald LifeCare home. The age range of the cast suits the play beautifully. They act in scenes that focus on love, death, and those minute little moments that might not be so little.

Performance Dates:
Friday, May 2 at 2PM at Goucher - in the Dunnock Theater
Sunday, May 4 at 2PM at Goucher - in the Dunnock Theater
Monday, May 5 at 7:30PM at Edenwald - in their new theater

Tickets are $3.
To order tickets call the box office 410-337-6512.

There is limited seating for Goucher students at the Edenwald performance. The Edenwald address is as follows:
800 Southerly Road
Towson, MD 21286

The cast (in order of appearance): Elsie Tyrala, Helen Engel, Betty Smalley, Steve Speicher, Dov Liverman, Sara Crounse, Michael Gutsgell, Vanessa Keen, Lily Smith, Kasey Quinn, Caye Slaymaker, Albert Mears, Cory Luquet, Sara Simpkins, and Meg Vidler

The crew:
Eryn London (director), Jay Gilman, Alex Lee, Angie Hagans, Jen Wolfman, Emily Hall, Lauren Saunders, Rob Rumburg, Joe Sklover, Stephen Polacek, Portia Cloud, Alisa Beverley, Laura Merrill, Sarah Weissman, Caye Slaymaker, Cory Luquet, Bill Miner, Alex Pape, Rebecca Schaeffer and Jen Schiller
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